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January 15th 2019

Once your abstract is ready according to the insctructions below, feel free to submit. 
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How to write your paper

Only electronic submission is possible for the abstract according to the instructions below.

Use of the RADAR 2019 Template is mandatory and only submissions following the instructions will be considered. Word (A4 portrait) and LaTex. Templates shall be taken form : https://www.ieee.org/conferences/publishing/templates.html




The title should be entered completely capitalized and in Times Roman, bold type.


Include all authors and affiliations


Maximum 4 pages (including figures). Do not number pages


Use Times New Roman size 10 for the abstract (except for the title)


Avoid use of colours in figures and text since they may be invisible when printed. Use grey tones for your abstract

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RADAR 2019 Copyright agreement

This agreement relates to any material published concerning RADAR 2019 such as but not limited to technical digest and CD Rom or other electronics forms. This copyright will be available for the final paper submission

Any question regarding the submission please contact : tpcchair[at]radar2019.org