Opening Session

Plenary Session - Introducing keynotes

9:00 – 9:30 : Artificial Intelligence in Radars  - David Sadek (Thales)
9:30 – 10:00 : Radar Technical Challenges, from decameter to centimeter wavelengths - Philippe Dreuillet (Onera)

Coffee break

Plenary Session - Special Keynotes

10:30 – 11:00 Scatterometry from space: Seas of radar opportunities - A. Stoffelen( KNMI); B. Chapron (IFREMER)
11:00 – 11:30 Wideband radar - Prof. Long Teng (Beijing Institute of Technology)
11:30 – 12:00 Artificial electric sense for underwater robotics: state of the art and perspectives - F. Boyer (Centrale Nantes)
12:00 – 12:30 100kg-class X-band Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite System for On-Demand Observation - Seiko Shirasaka (Keio University)

14:00  Lecture sessions   


Session 1 - AI techniques applied to radar Classification (1)
Deep Learning


Session 2 - Non conventional SAR Imaging systems


Session 3 - Low Frequency Radars

65 - Human Activity Classification with Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Rodrigo Hernangómez, Avik Santra, Slawomir Stanczak
130 - A Cognitive Maritime SAR Concept for High Altitude Platforms
Fairouz Stambouli, Markus Limbach, Tobias Rommel, Marwan Younis
169 - Key factors for the design of GAX000 radar, a new generation of UHF Early Warning Radar
Jean BLERIOT, Christophe  BOSCHET
108 - Material Classification using 60-GHz Radar and Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Jonas Weiß, Avik Santra
56 - A Refocusing Method for Ground Moving Target in Circular SAR
Daoxiang An, Wu Wang, Zhimin Zhou
319 - Factorized Geometrical Autofocus at UHF-band
Jan Torgrimsson, Lars Ulander, Patrik Dammert
116 - Deep Convolutional Neural Network Classifier of Pulse Repetition Interval Modulations
Miroslav Hekrdla, Antonín Heřmánek
246 - Feature-Based Method for Automatic detection of oil spills from non-dedicated airborne SAR imagery
Gilles Guerrini, Maxime Robin, Benoit Boissiere
230 - An OTH Plimsoll line ? Remote measurement of ship loading with HF Radar
Stuart Anderson
170 - SAR Specific Noise Based Data Augmentation for Deep Learning
Carole Belloni, Nabil Aouf, Jean-Marc Le Caillec, Thomas Merlet
280 - Wavelength-resolution SAR Change Detection with Changing Flight Heading During Passes
Viet Thuy Vu, Dimas Alves, Bruna Palm, Natanael Gomes, Mats Pettersson
294 - The multistatic oceanographic HF radar network in Toulon
Charles-Antoine Guérin, Dylan Dumas, Anthony Gramoullé, Céline Quentin, Marc Saillard, Anne Molcard
311 - SAR Target Recognition Based on Residual Attention Deep Learning
Wei Shen, Xuelian Yu
296 - ONERA Campaign in south Greenland for imaging of snow / ice subsurface features from airborne SAR
Hubert Cantalloube
209 - HF Radar antenna near field assessment using a UAV
Quentin Herbette, Nicolas Bourey, Michel Menelle, Muriel Darces, Stéphane Saillant, Bruno Urbani, Marc Hélier


Coffee break
Keynote Wide area scanning with synthetic aperture radar for detecting A380 engine fragments buried into Greenland icecap.

Special Session on

Radar and electronic warfare Innovation Program of French MoD

Special Keynotes on Airborne Active Phased Array New Developments

SAR campaign and data exploitation to detect A380 engine fragments buried into Greenland icecap

Hubert Cantalloube (ONERA)

Overview of Research and Development Activities
P. Pouliguen (AID)

16:10 - 16:40
Part I - Technological Breakthroughs
Y. Mancuso (Thales DMS)
Part II - Airborne Modes and Processing Breakthroughs
S. Kemkemian (Thales DMS)

17:10 Lecture sessions
Session 4 - AI techniques applied to radar Classification (2)
Machine Learning
Session 5 - Remote Sensing from Space
Session 6 - Advanced beamforming
37 - Coding & Statistical Characterization of Radar Signal Fluctuations for Machine Learning
Frédéric Barbaresco
110 - Addressing the Terrain Topography in Distributed SAR Imaging
Thomas Kraus, Gerhard Krieger, Markus Bachmann, Alberto Moreira
 75 - Wideband Direction of Arrival Estimation using Monopulse in Rotman Lens Beamspace
MichaelKohler , Alexander Saam , JosefWorms , DanielW. O’Hagan , Oliver Bringmanny
82 - Gaussian Mixture Model-Tensor Recurrent Neural Network for HRRP Target Recognition
Bin Xu, Bo  Chen, Jiaqi Liu, Chuan Du, Hongwei  Liu
55 - Spaceborne Interferometric Imaging Radar Altimeter Simulator for Measurement of Global Oceanic Topography
Xiao Dong, Yunhua Zhang, Wenshuai Zhai, Xiaojing Shi
 158 - Discrete Scanning Low Energy-Time Product Linear Frequency Diverse Array Radar
Ramazan Çetiner, Altunkan Hizal
102 - Coastal Radar Target Recognition Based On Kinematic Data (AIS) With Machine Learning
Raphaël Ginoulhac, Frédéric  Barbaresco, Jean-Yves  Schneider, Jean-Marie Pannier, Sébastien  Savary
20 - A Modified Three-Stage Method For Polarimetric SAR Interferometry
Xiaofan Sun, Maosheng Xiang, Jinsong Chong
 240 - Micro-Doppler Signature Extraction with Multibeam Radar
Leon Kocjancic , Alessio Balleri, Thomas Merlet

104 - Robust Variant Target Recognition Based on Structured Sparse Representation for Radar HRRP Data

Penghui Wang, Yiran Meng, Wenqiang Zhu, Xiaolong Song, Jun Ding, Hongwei Liu

213 - Passive Bistatic Sea Clutter Statistics from a Ku-band Spaceborne Illuminator
Luke Rosenberg
 261 - DRAGON: Adaptive RF Seekers based on 3D Conformal Antennas
Sarra Abedrrabba, Kenan Ahiska, Rozenn Allanic, Alessio Balleri, Madhubrata Chatterjee, Thomas Merlet, and Cedric Quendo
151 - Non-Supervised High Resolution Doppler Machine Learning for Pathological Radar Clutter
Yann Cabanes, Frédéric  Barbaresco, Marc  Arnaudon, Jérémie Bigot
234 - Methodology for estimating clutter limited geosynchronous synthetic aperture radar performance
Carlo Convenevole, Stephen E. Hobbs
 269 - Antenna Array Pattern Synthesis via the Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy
Konstantinos Varelas, Rami Kassab, Claude Adnet
08:30 Lecture sessions
Session 7 - Small Drones Part I
(special session - Fabiola Colone)
Session 8 - MIMO Radar
Session 9 - Automotive Applications
30 - Concept of Distributed Radar System for mini-UAV Detection in Dense Urban Environment
Xin GUO, Chea Siang NG, Erwin de JONG, Adriaan SMITS
32 - Multiple-Beam IRCI-Free MIMO SAR
Mohammed AlShaya, Mehrdad Yaghoobi, Bernard Mulgrew
 257 - Packet-based FMCW Radar using CSMA Technique to Avoid Narrowband Interefrence
Shintaro ISHIKAWA, Mikihiro KUROSAWA, Masahiro UMEHIRA, Xiaoyan WANG, Shigeki TAKEDA, Hiroshi KURODA
123 - Omega360: an innovative radar for detection and tracking of small drones
Rossella Stallone, Marco  Massardo, Guido  Montanari, Daniele Buono, Davide Madia, Renato Merko
50 - Airborne MIMO investigation for STAP-GMTI applications
Jean-François Nouvel, Frédéric Brigui, Hélène OriotJean-François Nouvel, Frédéric Brigui, Hélène Oriot
 208 - Prototype Development and Experimental Performance Evaluation of FMCW Radar Using Iterative Interference Suppression Technique
Takeo OKUDA, Yuya MAKINO, Masahiro UMEHIRA, Xiaoyan WANG, Shigeki TAKEDA, Hiroshi KURODA
174 - Detection and tracking of UAVs using interferometric radar
Xiangrong Wang, Huaiyuan Liang, Pengcheng Wang
92 - Location Estimation Accuracy of Augmented Arrays for Millimeter-Wave FMCW-MIMO Radar
Koichi Ichige, Ryo Saito, Tomoya Sugiyama, Nobuya Arakawa, Katsuhisa Kashiwagi, Atsuyuki Yuasa
 63 - Forward Scanning Automotive SAR with Moving Targets
Shahzad Gishkori, David Wright, Liam Daniel
221 - Practical Investigation of a MIMO Radar System for Small Drones Detection
Fawei Yang, Kuiyu Qu, Mingwei Hao, Quanhua Liu, Xiaoyan Chen, Feng Xu
113 - MIMO Radar for Cognitive Robot Platform Control and Navigation
Galen Reich, Michael Antoniou, Christopher Baker
 245 - 3D Images of Elevated Automotive Radar Targets at 300GHz
Dominic Phippen, Liam Daniel, Edward Hoare, Marina Gashinova, Mikhail Cherniakov
237 - RCS Measurements and ISAR Images of Fixed-wing UAV for Fully Polarimetric Radar
Yong Yang, Shun-Ping Xiao, Xue-Song Wang, Yong-Zhen Li, Long-Fei Shi
216 - A New Space-Time Coding Scheme For MIMO-SAR With Time-Variant Channel Effects Mitigation
Zenghui Zhang, Shangwen Liu, Wenxian Yu
 313 - Cooperative Automotive RADAR System For Inter-RADAR Interference Avoidance
Sida Song, Sha Ma, Lutao Gao, Yong Wu
Coffee Break
10:40 Lecture sessions
Session 10 - Small Drones Part II
(special session)
Session 11 - MIMO Radar
Waveform design and processing


Session 12 - Radar systems

253 - Estimation of drone micro-Doppler signatures via Track-Before-Detect in array radars
Kimin Kim, Murat Uney, Bernard Mulgrew
68 - Towards Adaptive MIMO Radar - ReceiverProcessing for Orthogonally Coded FMCWWaveforms
Avik Santra, Alexander Rudolf  Ganis, Jan Mietzner, Volker  Ziegler
114 - Sethi : Review Of 10 Years Of Development And Experimentation Of The Remote Sensing Platform
Rémi Baqué, Philippe Dreuillet, Hélène Oriot
156 - Dictionary Learning for Radar Classification of Multiple Micro-Drones
Wenyu Zhang, Gang Li, Chris Baker
163 - Robust Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Detector - Applications to off-grid target issues in MIMO Radar
laurent savy, mathieu Cattenoz, sylvie Marcos
142 - Design, Development and First Experimental Results of A Multi-antenna, Multi-beam, Multi-frequency Passive Radar System
Raza Umar, Mobien Shoaib, Abdulrazaq Aldowesh, Muhammad Abdulhadi, Mohammad Bilal, Khalid Jamil
188 - Effective Ground-Truthing of Supervised Machine Learning for Drone Classification
JACOB SIM, Mohammad Jahangir, Francesco Fioranelli, Chris Baker, Holly Dale
225 - Compensation of Mutual Coupling Effects for Co-located MIMO Radar Applications via Waveform Design​​
Nivia  Colon-Diaz, Patrick  McCormick, Dan Janning, Daniel Bliss
249 - Naval and Land Based MFR
Thomas Carpentier , Nico de Bruijn, Eric Jeanclaude
150 - Target Detection and Classification of Small Drones by Deep Learning on Radar Micro-Doppler
Svante Björklund, Niclas Wadströmer
276 - Robust Moving Target Detection for Distributed MIMO Radar in Non-Homogeneous Clutter
Aboulnasr Hassanien, Braham Himed, Brian Rigling
295 - Photonics-based high purity microwave oscillators at 10 GHz
Oriane Lelièvre, Vincent Crozatier, Ghaya Baili, Perrine Berger, Pascale Nouchi, Daniel Dolfi, Julien Schiellein, Guillaume Jarril, Yohann Léguillon, Loic Morvan
291 - Automatic Radar Target Classification - A New Method Having Special Regard to Drones
Franz-Xaver Hofele
312 - Doppler Ambiguity Resolution for Binary-Phase-Modulated MIMO FMCW Radars
Hector Gonzalez, Chen Liu, Bernhard Vogginger, Christian Mayr
175 - Electromagnetic Modelling of a 2D Transmit Array for Polar  Over-the-Horizon Radar
Gordon Frazer, Charlie Williams
14:00 Lecture sessions


Session 13 - Radar advanced Technologies

Session 14 - Neural/bayesian Networks
Session 15 - Passive/Bistatic Radar advanced processing
29 - Circular Imaging and Phase Error Correction of 300GHz Radar Data
David Wright, Liam Daniel, Shahzad Gishkori, Marina Gashinova, Bernard Mulgrew
42 - Imitating Radar Operator Decisions for Maritime Surveillance Missions Using Bayesian Networks
Angus Brown, David Anderson
197 - OFDM Waveform Synchronisation for Multistatic Radar and DVB-T2 illumination
Dominik Bok, J¨org Heckenbach
41 - Aperture-Level Simultaneous Transmission and Reception Based on Digital Cancellation in Radar System
Tianhao He, Wei Shen, Hongtao Li
73 - Neural Network Based Multiple Object Tracking for Automotive FMCW Radar
Konstantinos Fatseas, Marco J. G. Bekooij
215 - Statistical Analysis of Clutter for Passive Radar on an Airborne Platform
Vichet Duk, Diego Cristallini, Philipp Wojaczek and Daniel W. O’Hagan
52- An Adaptive Distributed Clock for Radar Networks
J.S. Sandenbergh, M. Weiß, F. Valdes Crespi , D.W. O’Hagan , P.Knott
79 - Target Localization in Multi-static Passive Radar Systems with Artificial Neural Networks
Sean Pak, Batu K.  Chalise, Braham Himed
239 - Experimental Demonstration of Bistatic Radar Tomography using Parameter-Refined OMP
Ngoc Hung Nguyen, Hai-Tan Tran, Paul E. Berry
126 - SETHI : Digital radar system for signal generation and acquisition
Jérôme Henrion, Nicolas Castet, Olivier Boisot, Jean-François Nouvel, Rémi Baqué, Olivier Ruault du Plessis
131 - A Hermitian Positive Definite neural network for micro-Doppler complex covariance processing
Daniel Brooks
242 - DVB-T Airborne Passive Radar: clutter block rejection
Clément Berthillot, Agnès Santori, Olivier Rabaste, Dominique Poullin, Marc Lesturgie
298 - A 3D Printed Ku-band Waveguide Array with Integrated Waveguide Filter
Koen Mouthaan, Tan-Huat Chio
 210 - A Spectrum Selection Method Based on Recurrent Neural Network for OTHR
Hongbo Li, Jian Zhao, Yun Zhang, Yang Bai
243 - Polarimetric Detection Scheme for Passive Radar based on a 2D Auto-Regressive Disturbance Model
Francesca Filippini, Fabiola Colonei
15:40 Coffee break & Poster Session in the exhibition
 157 - Discrete Scanning Intermittent FMCW Based Frequency Diverse Array Radar
Altunkan Hizal 
 164 - Initial results of Radar-based classification of commercial drone carrying small payloads
Yubin Zhao, Xiao Zhang, Francesco Fioranelli
 254 - Analysis of airplane signatures using passive VHF radar for recognition perspectives
S. Hinostroza, D. Israel, Chengfang Ren, T. Letertre, J. Fix
57 - Radar HRRP Recognition using Attentional CNN with Multi-resolution Spectrograms
Jinwei Wan, Bo Chen, Yijun Yuan, Hongwei Liu and Lin Jin
 180 - On the Field Radiated by a Passive Nonlinear Structure in the Vicinity of a Powerful HF Transmitter
Stuart J. Anderson, Hugh. D. Griffiths
 260 - The Wigner-Ville distribution and quadratic detector performances for FMCW pulse detection in Electronic Warfare context
A. Foucault, C. Cornu, V. Guardia, F. Comblet, A. Khenchaf
89 - Clutter Mitigation in Range Enhanced Radar Images Using Sparsity Based Denoising Autoencoders
Shelly Vishwakarma, Neeraj Pandey and, Shobha Sundar Ram
 185 - Direction-of-arrival Estimation Based on Direct Data Domain Approach for Coprime Array
Chunlei Wang, Bo Jiu, Hongwei Liu
 262 - Adaptive Detection Algorithms for slow moving Targets in Non-Gaussian Clutter
N. Bernardin, C. Adnet, J.-P. Ovarlez, F. Barbaresco
101 - Maneuvering Target Long-time Coherent Integration Based on Keystone transfrom and Fractional Fourier Transform
Jiefang Yang, Yunhua Zhang, Xiao Dong, Xiaojin Shi
 187 - Smoothing Frequency Estimation Method for Automotive Radar
Senyue Xiao, Jun Wang, Bin Yang
 268 - Classification of the Wind Turbine Generated Radar Detections by Artificial Intelligence 
R. Kassab, G. Gautier de Charnace, C. Adnet
 111 - Target Detection using Autoencoders in a Radar Surveillance System
Simon Wagner, Winfried Johannes
 193 - Adaptive Beampattern Synthesis for Frequency Diverse Array Using Space-Frequency Decomposition
Tong Mu and Yaoliang Song
 287 - Towards Adversarial Denoising of Radar Micro-Doppler Signatures
K. Armaniousx, S.Abdulatifx , F. Azizy, Urs Schneidery, B.Yang
   141 - Netted Multi-Function Radars Positioning and Modes Selection by Non-Holonomic Fast Marching Computation of Highest Threatening Trajectories
J. Dreo, F. Desquilbet, F. Barbaresco, J.-M. Mirebeau
 218 - ISAR Target Recognition Using pix2pix network derived from cGAN
Zhao Sun, Gaopeng Li, Yun Zhang
 317 - Design of Exponentially-Correlation Acceleration Error Filters for Tracking Maneuvering Targets
W. D. Blair
233 - Super Nested Sparse Circular Array for High Resolution DOA Estimation and Its Wideband Extension
Steven Wandale, Thomas Basikolo, Koichi Ichige
 226 - A Non-parametric Searching Long-time Coherent Integration for Radar Maneuvering Target with Ubiquitous Observation Mode
Xiaolong Chen, Jian Guan
  318 - Supervised-learning Framework for Track Initiation via Support Vector Machine
Feng Xiong, Yang Bai, Gan Wang, Lei Bian, Guangping Yang
     244 - Human Activities Classification in a Complex Space Using Raw Radar Data
Shufan Yang, Julien Le Kernec, Francesco Fioranelli
16:40 Lecture sessions
Session 16 - Innovative Radar management
Session 17 - Sea Clutter
(special session - S. Angelliaume)
Session 18 - Waveform Design/mismatched filtering
40 - Deep Q-Network based Anti-Jamming Strategy Design for Frequency Agile Radar
Kang Li, Bo Jiu, Hongwei Liu
31 - Analysis of Bistatic Radar Sea Clutter Amplitude Distributions at Low Grazing Angles
Sebastien Angelliaume, Luke Rosenberg, Matthew Ritchie
129 - Mismatched Complementary-on-Receive Filtering of Diverse FM Waveform Subsets
Christian Jones, Shannon Blunt
62 - Multi-criteria Analysis for Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Radar Resource Management on Naval scenarios
Christophe Labreuche, Cédric Buron, Peter Moo, Frédéric Barbaresco
211 - Analysis of sea spikes velocity from the MARLENE campaign data
Florestan Platzer, Marc  Saillard, Vincent Fabbro
147- Designing MPSK Sequences and Doppler Filter Bank in Cognitive Radar Systems
Ehsan Raei , Mohammad Alaee-Kerahroodi, Bhavani Shankar M. R., Björn Ottersten
78 - Alert-Confirm Track Confirmation for Radar
Vaughan Clarkson, Jason Williams
214 - Target Detection in Medium Grazing Angle Sea Clutter Using Scan to Scan Processing
Luke Rosenberg, Krishna Venkataraman, Carl Jenke
212 - Weather Mode Pulse Compression Design for an Airborne Sense & Avoid Radar
Stefan Beer, Franz-Xaver  Hofele, Fabian Schäfer, Peter Feil, Dietmar  Klarer
162 - Parameter selection in a fully adaptive tracking radar
Jonas Myhre Christiansen, Graeme E. Smith
308 - A physical model for high resolution radar sea clutter
Floriane Madeleine Schreiber, Sébastien Angelliaume, Charles-Antoine Guérin
222 - On the Eclipsing Phenomenon with Phase Codes
Uy Hour Tan, Olivier Rabaste, Claude Adnet, Jean-Philippe Ovarlez
238 - Impact of Grid Quantification in Radar Search Pattern Optimization
35 - Training Data Selection Strategy for CFAR Ship Detection in Range-Compressed Radar Data
Sushil Kumar Joshi, Stefan V. Baumgartner
303 - A quadrature median matched filter for robust detection and estimation
Michael Picciolo, Wilbur Myrick, Scott Goldstein



08:30 Lecture sessions
Session 19 - Passive Radars for UAV detection
Session 20 - SAR /ISAR image formation algorithms
Session 21 - RCS simulation and phenomenology
144 - Optimum Beamforming to Improve UAV’s Detection Using DVB-T Passive Radars
Nerea del-Rey-Maestre, David Mata-Moya, María-Pilar Jarabo-Amores, Pedro-José Gómez-del-Hoyo, Javier Rosado-Sanz
133 - Hardware-Optimized Minimum-Search for SAR Backprojection Autofocus on FPGAs
Christian Fahnemann, Daniel Fallnich, Aron Sommer, Fabian Cholewa, Holger Blume
250 - Simulation of Radar Micro-Doppler Patterns for Multi-Propeller Drones
Yefeng Cai, Oleg Krasnov, Alexander Yarovoy
217 - Passive detection using a staring radar illuminator of opportunity
Nasyitah Ghazalli, Alessio Balleri, Mohammed Jahangir, Fabiola Colone, Chris J. Baker
71 - Compressive Sensing Based Algorithm for Rotational Motion Estimation And compensation for ISAR Imaging
Ahmad Hamad
282 - Parametric modelling of the radar signature of helicopters
Guillaume Point, Jean-François Degurse, Jean-Luc Milin, Marc Montécot
219 - UAV Blade modulation analysis : passive DVB-T experimental results
Dominique Poullin
184 - Robustness of SAR Refraction Autofocus to Power-Law Errors
David Garren
223 - SPRITE : A New Sparse Approach for 3D High Resolution RCS Imaging
Thomas Benoudiba-Campanini, Pierre Minvielle, Jean-Franc¸ois Giovannelli
255 - Passive Radar Signatures of Micro-Drone and Birds
Evgenii Vorobev, Vladimir Veremyev, Vladimir Kutuzov
154 - Efficient moving targets chirp rate estimation method in synthetic aperture radar
Xuepan Zhang, Cheng Wang, Chen Yang, Qingqing Lin
256 - Simulation of clutter based on a sum of scatterers
Flora Weissgerber, Nicolas Trouvé
264 - Simultaneous short and long range surveillance of drones and aircrafts with DVB-T based Passive Radar
Tatiana Martelli, Fabiola Colone, Roberta Cardinali
323 - 3D ISAR Imaging: The Alignment Problem
Jinjian Cai, Marco Martorella, Quanhua Liu, Zegang Ding, Elisa Giusti
288 - Radar Cross Section of Naval Targets
Yannick Béniguel, Philippe Pouliguen, Gildas Kubicke
Coffee Break
10:40 Lecture sessions
Session 22 - AI-based Human sensing
(special session - Yan Hue)
Session 23 - Emerging Radar Applications
Session 24 - Antenna Processing/Angular Estimation
103 - A Deep Multi-task Network for Activity Recognition and Person Identification with Micro-Doppler Signatures
Xinyu Li, Yuan He, Xiaojun Jing
51 - Robot Localization and Navigation with a Ground-Based Microwave Radar
Raphael Rouveure, Christophe Debain, Rémi Peuchot, Jean Laneurit
290 - A fast angle super-resolution imaging method for airbone scanning radar based on RSVD
Xingyu Tuo, Yin Zhang, Yingying Wang, Deqing Mao, and Yulin Huang
167 - Human Activity Recognition : Preliminary Results for Dataset Portability using FMCW Radar
Syed Aziz Shah, Francesco Fioranelli 
139 - Radar and Video Multimodal Learning for Human Activity Classification
Richard J. de Jong, Matijs J.C. Heiligers, Jacco J.M. de Wit, Faruk Uysal
136 - Capon-like DoA estimator for rotating arrays
Michał Meller, Kamil Stawiarski
183 - Automatic Arm Motion Recognition Using Radar for Smart Home Technologies
Moeness G Amin, Zhengxin Zeng, Tao Shan, Ronny G Guendel
190 - Development and Performance Evaluation of Integrated Automotive Mid-Range Radar System Based on ROI Preprocessing Technique
Yeonghwan Ju, Sangdong Kim,Youngseok Jin, and Jonghun Lee
122 - Online Sparse reconstruction for scanning radarbased on Generalized SParse Iterative Covariance-based Estimation
Yongchao Zhang, Deqing Mao, Yin Zhang, Yulin Huang, Jianyu Yang
194 - Knowing the Uncertainty in Human Behavior Classification via Variational Inference and Autoencoder
Hao Du, Yongpeng  Dai, Tian Jin
182 - Influence of Transmitter Position Accuracy on Target Localization in Passive Radar
Mateusz Malanowski, Grzegorz Krawczyk, Marcin Żywek
231 - DOA estimation of wideband LFM RADAR signals
Ronald  Mulinde, Mayank Kaushik, Don Wenura Dissanayake, Manik  Attygalle,  Terence Chan, Siu Wai Ho, Syed Mahfuzul Aziz
252 - Motion Classification Based on Noisy Micro-Doppler Signatures
Yang Yang, Chunping Hou, Yue Lang
278 - A New Calibration Method for 3D Tracking Radar Doppler Velocimeter for Traffic Speed Enforcement
Lei Du, Qiao Sun, Jie Bai
320 - Near Optimal Angle Estimation for Wideband Phased Array Radars
Meng How Teo, Jia Wei Tan, Han Lun Yap
14:00 Lecture sessions
Session 25 - Advanced Tracking
Session 26 - SAR image analysis
Session 27 - Historical session
(Special Session - Y. Blanchard)
165 - A Comparative Study of Track-Before-Detect Algorithms in Radar Sea Clutter
Du Yong Kim, Branko Ristic, Xuezhi Wang, Luke Rosenberg, Jason Williams, Sam Davey
155 - Neural network with different activation function in polarimetric SAR image Classification
Yun Zhang,Qinglong Hua,Hongbo Li,Yan Bu
189 - The MAMMUT Phased Array Radar: Compulsive Hoarding
Hugh Griffiths
26 - Bernoulli Filter for Track-Before-Detect: Swerling-1 Target in K-distributed Clutter
Branko Ristic, Luke  Rosenberg, Du-Yong Kim, Xuezhi Wang, Jason Williams
203 - Road Detection in High-resolution SAR Images with Improved Multiple Feature Fusion
Jing Chen, Zegang Ding, Yangkai Wei, Yong Li
192 - The Eagle (AN/APQ-7) and its assessment for ASV operation by RAF Coastal Command
Simon Watts
61 - Invariant Extended Kalman Filter Applied to tracking for Air Traffic Control
Marion Pilté, Sami Jouaber, Silvère Bonnabel, Frédéric Barbaresco, Marc Fragu, Nicolas Honoré
228 - Applying  Symmetries Detection to P-Band PolInSAR Data
Sofiane Tahraoui, Carmine  Clemente, Luca Pallotta, Mounira  Ouarzeddine, John  J. Soraghan
220 - History and development of airborne radar phased arrays antenna for French and European fighter
Marc Leconte, Philippe Lacomme
177 - LPI target tracking involving IEKF
Yoann Attal, Laurent Savy, Ludovic Grivault, Laurent Ratton
235 - ​​​​SAR Ship Target Detection Based on 2D Singularity Power Spectrum
Gang Xiong, Fang Wang, Lijun Wang, Jin He
229 - Phased array antennas at HF : Half a Century of Developments in Australia's Over-the-Horizon Radar Programs
Stuart Anderson, Don Sinnott
191 - Modified Smooth Variable Structure Filter for Radar Target Tracking
Yanwen Li, You He, Gang Li, Yu Liu
259 - Automated Signal Analysis for Chirp Reinjections and SAR Images
Joseph Martinot-Lagarde, Hélène Oriot, Hubert Cantalloube
271 - Early Days of Phased Array Radars for Ballistic Missile Detection and Tracking
Daniel O'Connor
15:40 coffe break & Poster Session in exhibition area
16 - Stochastic Deep Learning for Compressive-sensing Radar
Radmila Pribić
 97 - BiGRU Network for Human Activity Recognition in High Resolution Range Profile
Chao Li, Yuan He, Xinyu Li, and Xiaojun Jing
207 - A Fast Piecewise Constant Doppler Algorithm for Generalized Continuous Wave Synthetic Aperture Radar
Yijiang Nan, Xiaojing Huang, Y. Jay Guo
  120 - Surveillance RADAR development using frequency diversity to mitigate range eclipsing
Jun Hyun Park, Jae Wook Park, Ji Hoon Ahn, Jong suk Yoon
272 - Measurements of multistatic X&L band radar signatures of UAVs
Riccardo Palamà, Francesco Fioranelli, Matthew Ritchie, Michael Inggs, Simon Lewis, Hugh Griffith
27 - A Ship Target Detection Method for SAR Image Based on Local Region
Weitong Xie , Lan Du, Hui Dai, Yi Li
132 - A Quad 12bit 1.5GSps ADC with Synchronization Feature for Use in Multi-Element Systems
A. Glascott-Jones,R. Pilard,M. Martin,M. Stackler,S. Joret,K. Salmi,D. Bellin,J. Cochard
224 - Early Development of Phased Array RADAR and Active Antennas in the Netherlands
Piet van Genderen, Geert Heebels, Emiel Stolp
  140 - Tracking Maritime Cooperative Target With Real Time Motorized Sar Antenna
N. Castet, O. Ruault du Plessis, J.-F. Nouvel, S. Angelliaume
258 - Digital Twin : A Full Virtual Radar System With the Operational Processing
T. Rouffet, S. Kemkemian, J.-B. Poisson, V. Hottier
36 - ASV Marks I and II, the First Airborne Maritime Surveillance Radars
Simon Watts
143 - Instantaneous Bandwidth Expansion Using Software Defined Radios
Nicholas Everett, Peter Collins
277 - Scan performance of small spherical retro-reflectors
D. Gray, J. Le Kernec
44 - Multipath Based Llocalization of Indoor Target Shadowed by Non-Penetrating Obstacles
Qichang Guo, Xingdong Liang, Yanlei Li, Ruichang Cheng, Xiangxi Bu
145 - Electromagnetic scattering by modified radar targets using GBS and GBL Techniques and Experimental Measurements
279 - Target Localization And Velocity Estimation In Near Forward Scatter Radar Systems: Preliminary Results
Nertjana Ustalli, Pierfrancesco Lombardo and Debora Pastina
69 - Valid Kick Recognition in Smart Trunks based on Hidden Markov Model using Doppler Radar
Yogesh Shankar, Avik Santra
146 - Doppler Shift Mitigation for PMCW Signals
Shengzhi Xu, Alexander Yarovoy
299 - Understanding the potential of Self-Protection Jamming on board of miniature UAVs
Christos V. Ilioudis, Carmine Clemente and John Soraghan
84 - Low Probability of Intercept Performance Optimization for an Integrated Multi-static Radar and Communication System
Chenguang Shi, Fei Wang, Jianjiang Zhou, Sana Salous
148 - Performant and High-Fidelity Solution for Complex and Large Radar Radar Scene Simulation
Nicolas Douchin, Christian Ruiz, Jonathan Israel
309 - 3D Cram´er-Rao Lower Bound Evaluation for ATSC Signal Based Passive Radar Systems
Moayad Alslaimy, Graeme E. Smith
88 - Analysis of the Influence of Deceptive Interference on Airborne Radar Sensor
Lei Wang, Huabing Wang, Mingyan Chen
  195 - Analysis of Surveillance Range for a Shore-based HF Radar with Multiple Propagation Paths
Mengxiao Zhao, Xin Zhang, Qiang Yang, Jiazhi Zhang
314 - FPGA Design and Implementation of a Real-time Subpulse Processing Architecture for Noise Radars
Alisson Barreto, Leandro Pralon, Bruno Pompeo, Gabriel Beltrao, Mariana Pralon
16:40 Lecture sessions
Session 28 - Computer modeling
Session 29 - Clutter Suppression
Session 30 - Waveform Design and Spectrum Management
60 - Technico-operational missile/seeker performances assessment using Capella and Matlab/Simulink
Julien CANET, Nathalie LURIN, Michel NAROZNY, David VUILLEMARD
28 - Doppler-Spread Clutter Suppression in Single-Channel Noise Radar
Christoph Wasserzier, Philipp Wojaczek, Diego Cristallini, Josef Worms, Daniel O'Hagan
85 - Interference Mitigation in SAR via Gapped SpectrumWaveform Design
C.Tierney, B.Mulgrew
64 - Generation of IQ data simulating a SAR acquisition: targets in motion, clutter and shadows
Alan Girault, Joan Broussolle, Jacques Petit-Frèr

149 - Devoid Clutter Capture and Filling (DeCCaF) to Compensate for Intra-CPI Spectral Notch Variation

Jonathan Owen, Brandon Ravenscroft, Shannon Blunt

266 - Clairvoyant Clutter Mitigation in a Symbol-Based OFDM Radar Receiver
Steven Mercier , Stéphanie Bidon, Damien Roque, Cyrille Enderli
74 - Estimation of Wake Vortices RADAR Cross-Section in Clear Air Using Large Eddy Simulations
Dmitry A. Kovalev, Danielle Vanhoenacker-Janvier
47 - Research on suppression method for radar angel clutter
Ting Yang, Baixiao Chen; New authors: Ting Yang, Baixiao Chen, Minglei Yang, Mei Dong
135 - Experimental Assessment of Tandem-Hopped Radar and Communications (THoRaCs)
Brandon Ravenscroft, Patrick M. McCormick, Shannon Blunt, Erik S. Perrins, Cenk Sahin, Justin G. Metcalf
152 - GPU Acceleration : OpenACC for Radar Processing Simulation
Maxime MARTELLI, Cyrille Enderli, Nicolas GAC, Antoine Vermesse, Alain Merigot
176 - A computation and memory efficient implementation of STAP for an airborne side-looking radar
Mayank Kaushik, Joachim  Trinkle, Joe Fabrizio
168 - Design and Generation of Stochastically Defined Pulsed FM Noise Waveforms
Charles A. Mohr and Shannon D. Blunt
248 - Improvement of SAR/ISAR imulation in MOCEM V4.5 by computation of the ship’s bow wave
Corentin Le Barbu, Christian Cochin, Etienne Everaere
251 - Adaptive Detection of Range MigratingTarget Detector in non-Gaussian Clutter
Nikita Petrov, Francois Le Chevalier, Alexander Yarovoy
204 - Optimized Stretch Processing Compensation for FMCW Phase-Attached Radar-Communications
Cenk Sahin , Patrick M. McCormick , Shannon D. Blunty, Justin G. Metcalf



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