Opening Session

Plenary Session - Introducing keynotes

9:00 – 9:30 David Sadek (Thales)
9:30 – 10:00 Philippe Dreuillet (Onera)

Coffee break

Plenary Session - Special Keynotes

10:30 – 11:00 Scatterometry from space: Seas of radar opportunities - A. Stoffelen( KNMI); B. Chapron (IFREMER)
11:00 – 11:30 Wideband radar - Prof. Long Teng (Beijing Institute of Technology)
11:30 – 12:00 Artificial electric sense for underwater robotics: state of the art and perspectives - F. Boyer (Centrale Nantes)
12:00 – 12:30 100kg-class X-band Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite System for On-Demand Observation - Seiko Shirasaka (Keio University)

14:00  Lecture sessions   
Room 1 - Session
AI techniques applied to radar Classification (1)
Deep Learning
Room 2- session
Non conventional SAR Imaging systems
Room 3 - session
Low Frequency Radars
65 - Human Activity Classification with Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Rodrigo Hernangómez, Avik Santra, Slawomir Stanczak
130 - System Concept of a Smart Cognitive SAR Sensor
Fairouz Stambouli, Markus Limbach, Tobias Rommel, Marwan Younis
169 - Key factors for the design of GAX000 radar, a new generation of UHF Early Warning Radar
Jean BLERIOT, Christophe  BOSCHET
108 - Material Classification using 60-GHz Radar and Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Jonas Weiß, Avik Santra
56 - A Refocusing Method for Ground Moving Target in Circular SAR
Daoxiang An, Wu Wang, Zhimin Zhou
319 - Factorized Geometrical Autofocus at UHF-band
Jan Torgrimsson, Lars Ulander, Patrik Dammert
116 - Deep Convolutional Neural Network Classifier of Pulse Repetition Interval Modulations
Miroslav Hekrdla, Antonín Heřmánek
246 - Feature-Based Method for Automatic detection of oil spills from non-dedicated airborne SAR imagery
Gilles Guerrini, Maxime Robin, Benoit Boissiere
230 - An OTH Plimsoll line ? Remote measurement of ship loading with HF Radar
Stuart Anderson
170 - SAR Specific Noise Based Data Augmentation for Deep Learning
Carole Belloni, Nabil Aouf, Jean-Marc Le Caillec, Thomas Merlet
280 - Wavelength-resolution SAR Change Detection with Changing Flight Heading During Passes
Viet Thuy Vu, Dimas Alves, Bruna Palm, Natanael Gomes, Mats Pettersson
294 - The multistatic oceanographic HF radar network in Toulon
Charles-Antoine Guérin, Dylan Dumas, Anthony Gramoullé, Céline Quentin, Marc Saillard, Anne Molcard
331 - SAR Target Recognition Based on Residual Attention Deep Learning
Wei Shen, Xuelian Yu
296 - ONERA Campaign in south Greenland for imaging of snow / ice subsurface features from airborne SAR
Hubert Cantalloube
209 - HF Radar antenna near field assessment using a UAV
Quentin Herbette, Nicolas Bourey, Michel Menelle, Muriel Darces, Stéphane Saillant, Bruno Urbani, Marc Hélier
15:40 Exhibitor demo sessions
Room 1
Demo Session
Room 2
Demo Session
Special Keynote on Airborne Active Phased Array New Developments


Part I - Technological Breakthroughs
Y. Mancuso (Thales DMS)
Part II - Airborne Modes and Processing Breakthroughs
S. Kemkemian (Thales DMS)
16:40 Lecture sessions
Room 1
AI techniques applied to radar Classification (2)
Machine Learning
Room 2
Remote Sensing from Space
 Room 3
Advanced beamforming
37 - Coding & Statistical Characterization of Radar Signal Fluctuations for Machine Learning
Frédéric Barbaresco
110 - Addressing the Terrain Topography in Distributed SAR Imaging
Thomas Kraus, Gerhard Krieger, Markus Bachmann, Alberto Moreira
 75 - Wideband Direction of Arrival Estimation using Monopulse in Rotman Lens Beamspace
MichaelKohler , Alexander Saam , JosefWorms , DanielW. O’Hagan , Oliver Bringmanny
82 - Gaussian Mixture Model-Tensor Recurrent Neural Network for HRRP Target Recognition
Bin Xu, Bo  Chen, Jiaqi Liu, Chuan Du, Hongwei  Liu
55 - Spaceborne Interferometric Imaging Radar Altimeter Simulator for Measurement of Global Oceanic Topography
Xiao Dong, Yunhua Zhang, Wenshuai Zhai, Xiaojing Shi
 158 - Discrete Scanning Low Energy-Time Product Linear Frequency Diverse Array Radar
Ramazan Çetiner, Altunkan Hizal
102 - Coastal Radar Target Recognition Based On Kinematic Data (AIS) With Machine Learning
Raphaël Ginoulhac, Frédéric  Barbaresco, Jean-Yves  Schneider, Jean-Marie Pannier, Sébastien  Savary
70 - Application of Satellite Radar Data in Agricultural Crop Harvest Monitoring
Dmitriy  Khramov , Alyona  Kavats, Kateryna  Sergieieva, Vladimir  Vasiliev
 240 - Micro-Doppler Signature Extraction with Multibeam Radar
Leon Kocjancic , Alessio Balleri, Thomas Merlet
104 - Robust Variant Target Recognition Based on Structured Sparse Representation for Radar HRRP Data 213 - Passive Bistatic Sea Clutter Statistics from a Ku-band Spaceborne Illuminator
Luke Rosenberg
 261 - DRAGON: Adaptive RF Seekers based on 3D Conformal Antennas
Sarra Abedrrabba, Kenan Ahiska, Rozenn Allanic, Alessio Balleri, Madhubrata Chatterjee, Thomas Merlet, and Cedric Quendo
151 - Non-Supervised High Resolution Doppler Machine Learning for Pathological Radar Clutter
Yann Cabanes, Frédéric  Barbaresco, Marc  Arnaudon, Jérémie Bigot
234 - Methodology for estimating clutter limited geosynchronous synthetic aperture radar performance
Carlo Convenevole, Stephen E. Hobbs
 269 - Antenna Array Pattern Synthesis via the Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy
Konstantinos Varelas, Rami Kassab, Claude Adnet
08:30 Lecture sessions
Room 1
Small Drones Part I
(special session - Fabiola Colone)
Room 2
MIMO Radar
Room 3
Automotive Applications
30 - Concept of Distributed Radar System for mini-UAV Detection in Dense Urban Environment
Xin GUO, Chea Siang NG, Erwin de JONG, Adriaan SMITS
32 - Multiple-Beam IRCI-Free MIMO SAR
Mohammed AlShaya, Mehrdad Yaghoobi, Bernard Mulgrew
 257 - Packet-based FMCW Radar using CSMA Technique to Avoid Narrowband Interefrence
Shintaro ISHIKAWA, Mikihiro KUROSAWA, Masahiro UMEHIRA, Xiaoyan WANG, Shigeki TAKEDA, Hiroshi KURODA
123 - Omega360: an innovative radar for detection and tracking of small drones
Rossella Stallone, Marco  Massardo, Guido  Montanari, Daniele Buono, Davide Madia, Renato Merko
50 - Airborne MIMO investigation for STAP-GMTI applications
Jean-François Nouvel, Frédéric Brigui, Hélène OriotJean-François Nouvel, Frédéric Brigui, Hélène Oriot
 208 - Prototype Development and Experimental Performance Evaluation of FMCW Radar Using Iterative Interference Suppression Technique
Takeo OKUDA, Yuya MAKINO, Masahiro UMEHIRA, Xiaoyan WANG, Shigeki TAKEDA, Hiroshi KURODA
174 - Detection and tracking of UAVs using interferometric radar
Xiangrong Wang, Huaiyuan Liang, Pengcheng Wang
92 - Location Estimation Accuracy of Augmented Arrays for Millimeter-Wave FMCW-MIMO Radar
Koichi Ichige, Ryo Saito, Tomoya Sugiyama, Nobuya Arakawa, Katsuhisa Kashiwagi, Atsuyuki Yuasa
 63 - Forward Scanning Automotive SAR with Moving Targets
Shahzad Gishkori, David Wright, Liam Daniel
221 - Practical Investigation of a MIMO Radar System for Small Drones Detection
Fawei Yang, Kuiyu Qu, Mingwei Hao, Quanhua Liu, Xiaoyan Chen, Feng Xu
113 - MIMO Radar for Cognitive Robot Platform Control and Navigation
Galen Reich, Michael Antoniou, Christopher Baker
 245 - 3D Images of Elevated Automotive Radar Targets at 300GHz
Dominic Phippen, Liam Daniel, Edward Hoare, Marina Gashinova, Mikhail Cherniakov
237 - RCS Measurements and ISAR Images of Fixed-wing UAV for Fully Polarimetric Radar
Yong Yang, Shun-Ping Xiao, Xue-Song Wang, Yong-Zhen Li, Long-Fei Shi
216 - A New Space-Time Coding Scheme For MIMO-SAR With Time-Variant Channel Effects Mitigation
Zenghui Zhang, Shangwen Liu, Wenxian Yu
 313 - Cooperative Automotive RADAR System For Inter-RADAR Interference Avoidance
Sida Song, Sha Ma, Lutao Gao, Yong Wu
Coffee Break
10:40 Lecture sessions
Room 1
Small Drones Part II
(special session)
Room 2
MIMO Radar
Waveform design and processing
Room 3
Radar systems
253 - Estimation of drone micro-Doppler signatures via Track-Before-Detect in array radars
Kimin Kim, Murat Uney, Bernard Mulgrew
68 - Towards Adaptive MIMO Radar - ReceiverProcessing for Orthogonally Coded FMCWWaveforms
Avik Santra, Alexander Rudolf  Ganis, Jan Mietzner, Volker  Ziegler
114 - Sethi : Review Of 10 Years Of Development And Experimentation Of The Remote Sensing Platform
Rémi Baqué, Philippe Dreuillet, Hélène Oriot
156 - Dictionary Learning for Radar Classification of Multiple Micro-Drones
Wenyu Zhang, Gang Li, Chris Baker
163 - Robust Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Detector - Applications to off-grid target issues in MIMO Radar
laurent savy, mathieu Cattenoz, sylvie Marcos
142 - Design, Development and First Experimental Results of A Multi-antenna, Multi-beam, Multi-frequency Passive Radar System
Raza Umar, Mobien Shoaib, Abdulrazaq Aldowesh, Muhammad Abdulhadi, Mohammad Bilal, Khalid Jamil
188 - Effective Ground-Truthing of Supervised Machine Learning for Drone Classification
JACOB SIM, Mohammad Jahangir, Francesco Fioranelli, Chris Baker, Holly Dale
225 - Compensation of Mutual Coupling Effects for Co-located MIMO Radar Applications via Waveform Design​​
Nivia  Colon-Diaz, Patrick  McCormick, Dan Janning, Daniel Bliss
249 - Naval and Land Based MFR
Thomas Carpentier , Nico de Bruijn, Eric Jeanclaude
150 - Target Detection and Classification of Small Drones by Deep Learning on Radar Micro-Doppler
Svante Björklund, Niclas Wadströmer
276 - Robust Moving Target Detection for Distributed MIMO Radar in Non-Homogeneous Clutter
Aboulnasr Hassanien, Braham Himed, Brian Rigling
295 - Photonics-based high purity microwave oscillators at 10 GHz
Oriane Lelièvre, Vincent Crozatier, Ghaya Baili, Perrine Berger, Pascale Nouchi, Daniel Dolfi, Julien Schiellein, Guillaume Jarril, Yohann Léguillon, Loic Morvan
291 - Automatic Radar Target Classification - A New Method Having Special Regard to Drones
Franz-Xaver Hofele
312 - Doppler Ambiguity Resolution for Binary-Phase-Modulated MIMO FMCW Radars
Hector Gonzalez, Chen Liu, Bernhard Vogginger, Christian Mayr
175 - Electromagnetic Modelling of a 2D Transmit Array for Polar  Over-the-Horizon Radar
Gordon Frazer, Charlie Williams


Special Keynote
Airborne Active Phased Array New Developments: Technological Breakthroughs - Y. Mancuso (Thales)
14:00 Lecture sessions
Room 1
Radar advanced Technologies
Room 2
Neural/bayesian Networks
Room 3
Passive/Bistatic Radar advanced processing
29 - Circular Imaging and Phase Error Correction of 300GHz Radar Data
David Wright, Liam Daniel, Shahzad Gishkori, Marina Gashinova, Bernard Mulgrew
42 - Imitating Radar Operator Decisions for Maritime Surveillance Missions Using Bayesian Networks
Angus Brown, David Anderson
197 - OFDM Waveform Synchronisation for Multistatic Radar and DVB-T2 illumination
Dominik Bok, J¨org Heckenbach
41 - Aperture-Level Simultaneous Transmission and Reception Based on Digital Cancellation in Radar System
Tianhao He, Wei Shen, Hongtao Li
73 - Neural Network Based Multiple Object Tracking for Automotive FMCW Radar
Konstantinos Fatseas, Marco J. G. Bekooij
215 - Statistical Analysis of Clutter for Passive Radar on an Airborne Platform
Vichet Duk, Diego Cristallini, Philipp Wojaczek and Daniel W. O’Hagan
52- An Adaptive Distributed Clock for Radar Networks
J.S. Sandenbergh, M. Weiß, F. Valdes Crespi , D.W. O’Hagan , P.Knott
79 - Target Localization in Multi-static Passive Radar Systems with Artificial Neural Networks
Sean Pak, Batu K.  Chalise, Braham Himed
239 - Experimental Demonstration of Bistatic Radar Tomography using Parameter-Refined OMP
Ngoc Hung Nguyen, Hai-Tan Tran, Paul E. Berry
126 - SETHI : Digital radar system for signal generation and acquisition
Jérôme Henrion, Nicolas Castet, Olivier Boisot, Jean-François Nouvel, Rémi Baqué, Olivier Ruault du Plessis
131 - A Hermitian Positive Definite neural network for micro-Doppler complex covariance processing
Daniel Brooks
242 - DVB-T Airborne Passive Radar: clutter block rejection
Clément Berthillot, Agnès Santori, Olivier Rabaste, Dominique Poullin, Marc Lesturgie
298 - A 3D Printed Ku-band Waveguide Array with Integrated Waveguide Filter
Koen Mouthaan, Tan-Huat Chio
210 - A Spectrum Selection Method Based on Recurrent Neural Network for OTHR
Hongbo Li, Jian Zhao, Yun Zhang, Yang Bai
243 - Polarimetric Detection Scheme for Passive Radar based on a 2D Auto-Regressive Disturbance Model
Francesca Filippini, Fabiola Colonei
15:40 Poster Session in the exhibition
21 - EEMD De-noising Method with Singular Spectrum Constraint for FMCW Lidar Signal
Rongrong Wang, Maosheng Xiang, Chuang Li, Bingnan Wang, Shuai Wang
 164 - Initial results of Radar-based classification of commercial drone carrying small payloads
Yubin Zhao, Xiao Zhang, Francesco Fioranelli
 254 - Analysis of airplane signatures using passive VHF radar for recognition perspectives
S. Hinostroza, D. Israel, Chengfang Ren, T. Letertre, J. Fix
57 - Radar HRRP Recognition using Attentional CNN with Multi-resolution Spectrograms
Jinwei Wan, Bo Chen, Yijun Yuan, Hongwei Liu and Lin Jin
 180 - On the Field Radiated by a Passive Nonlinear Structure in the Vicinity of a Powerful HF Transmitter
Stuart J. Anderson, Hugh. D. Griffiths
 260 - The Wigner-Ville distribution and quadratic detector performances for FMCW pulse detection in Electronic Warfare context
A. Foucault, C. Cornu, V. Guardia, F. Comblet, A. Khenchaf
89 - Clutter Mitigation in Range Enhanced Radar Images Using Sparsity Based Denoising Autoencoders
Shelly Vishwakarma, Neeraj Pandey and, Shobha Sundar Ram
 185 - Direction-of-arrival Estimation Based on Direct Data Domain Approach for Coprime Array
Chunlei Wang, Bo Jiu, Hongwei Liu
 262 - Adaptive Detection Algorithms for slow moving Targets in Non-Gaussian Clutter
N. Bernardin, C. Adnet, J.-P. Ovarlez, F. Barbaresco
101 - Maneuvering Target Long-time Coherent Integration Based on Keystone transfrom and Fractional Fourier Transform
Jiefang Yang, Yunhua Zhang, Xiao Dong, Xiaojin Shi
 187 - Smoothing Frequency Estimation Method for Automotive Radar
Senyue Xiao, Jun Wang, Bin Yang*, and Shaoming Wei
 268 - Classification of the Wind Turbine Generated Radar Detections by Artificial Intelligence 
R. Kassab, G. Gautier de Charnace, C. Adnet
 111 - Target Detection using Autoencoders in a Radar Surveillance System
Simon Wagner, Winfried Johannes
 193 - Adaptive Beampattern Synthesis for Frequency Diverse Array Using Space-Frequency Decomposition
Tong Mu and Yaoliang Song
 287 - Towards Adversarial Denoising of Radar Micro-Doppler Signatures
K. Armaniousx, S.Abdulatifx , F. Azizy, Urs Schneidery, B.Yang
 133 - Hardware-Optimized Minimum-Search for SAR Backprojection Autofocus on FPGAs
Christian Fahnemann, Daniel Fallnich, Fabian Cholewa, Holger Blume
 218 - ISAR Target Recognition Using pix2pix network derived from cGAN
Zhao Sun, Gaopeng Li, Yun Zhang
 317 - Design of Exponentially-Correlation Acceleration Error Filters for Tracking Maneuvering Targets
W. D. Blair
  141 - Netted Multi-Function Radars Positioning and Modes Selection by Non-Holonomic Fast Marching Computation of Highest Threatening Trajectories
J. Dreo, F. Desquilbet, F. Barbaresco, J.-M. Mirebeau
 226 - A Non-parametric Searching Long-time Coherent Integration for Radar Maneuvering Target with Ubiquitous Observation Mode
Xiaolong Chen, Jian Guan
  318 - Supervised-learning Framework for Track Initiation via Support Vector Machine
Feng Xiong, Yang Bai, Gan Wang, Lei Bian, Guangping Yang
157 - Discrete Scanning Intermittent FMCW Based Frequency Diverse Array Radar
Altunkan Hizal 
 233 - Super Nested Sparse Circular Array for High Resolution DOA Estimation and Its Wideband Extension
Steven Wandale, Thomas Basikolo, Koichi Ichige
 244 - Human Activities Classification in a Complex Space Using Raw Radar Data
Shufan Yang, Julien Le Kernec, Francesco Fioranelli
16:40 Lecture sessions
Room 1
Innovative Radar management
Room 2
Sea Clutter
(special session)
Room 3
Waveform Design/mismatched filtering
40 - Deep Q-Network based Anti-Jamming Strategy Design for Frequency Agile Radar
Kang Li, Bo Jiu, Hongwei Liu
31 - Analysis of Bistatic Radar Sea Clutter Amplitude Distributions at Low Grazing Angles
Sebastien Angelliaume, Luke Rosenberg, Matthew Ritchie
129 - Mismatched Complementary-on-Receive Filtering of Diverse FM Waveform Subsets
Christian Jones, Shannon Blunt
62 - Multi-criteria Analysis for Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Radar Resource Management on Naval scenarios
Christophe Labreuche, Cédric Buron, Peter Moo, Frédéric Barbaresco
211 - Analysis of sea spikes velocity from the MARLENE campaign data
Florestan Platzer, Marc  Saillard, Vincent Fabbro
147- Designing MPSK Sequences and Doppler Filter Bank in Cognitive Radar Systems
Ehsan Raei , Mohammad Alaee-Kerahroodi, Bhavani Shankar M. R., Björn Ottersten
78 - Alert-Confirm Track Confirmation for Radar
Vaughan Clarkson, Jason Williams
214 - Target Detection in Medium Grazing Angle Sea Clutter Using Scan to Scan Processing
Luke Rosenberg, Krishna Venkataraman, Carl Jenke
212 - Weather Mode Pulse Compression Design for an Airborne Sense & Avoid Radar
Stefan Beer, Franz-Xaver  Hofele, Fabian Schäfer, Peter Feil, Dietmar  Klarer
162 - Parameter selection in a fully adaptive tracking radar
Jonas Myhre Christiansen, Graeme E. Smith
308 - A physical model for high resolution radar sea clutter
Floriane Madeleine Schreiber, Sébastien Angelliaume, Charles-Antoine Guérin
222 - On the Eclipsing Phenomenon with Phase Codes
Uy Hour Tan, Olivier Rabaste, Claude Adnet, Jean-Philippe Ovarlez
238 - Impact of Grid Quantification in Radar Search Pattern Optimization
310 - Evaluation of LDA, QDA and kNN for Radar Detection in Fully Polarimetric Spiky Sea Clutter
Thabang Matladi, Jacques  Cilliers, Pieter de Villiers, Michael Inggs, Yunus Abdul-Gaffar
303 - A quadrature median matched filter for robust detection and estimation
Michael Picciolo, Wilbur Myrick, Scott Goldstein



08:30 Lecture sessions
Room 1
Passive Radars for UAV detection
Room 2
SAR /ISAR image formation algorithms
Room 3
RCS simulation and phenomenology
144 - Optimum Beamforming to Improve UAV’s Detection Using DVB-T Passive Radars
Nerea del-Rey-Maestre, David Mata-Moya, María-Pilar Jarabo-Amores, Pedro-José Gómez-del-Hoyo, Javier Rosado-Sanz
133 - Hardware-Optimized Minimum-Search for SAR Backprojection Autofocus on FPGAs
Christian Fahnemann, Daniel Fallnich, Fabian Cholewa, Holger Blume
250 - Simulation of Radar Micro-Doppler Patterns for Multi-Propeller Drones
Yefeng Cai, Oleg Krasnov, Alexander Yarovoy
217 - Passive detection using a staring radar illuminator of opportunity
Nasyitah Ghazalli, Alessio Balleri, Mohammed Jahangir, Fabiola Colone, Chris J. Baker
71 - Compressive Sensing Based Algorithm for Rotational Motion Estimation And compensation for ISAR Imaging
Ahmad Hamad
282 - Parametric modelling of the radar signature of helicopters
Guillaume Point, Jean-François Degurse, Jean-Luc Milin, Marc Montécot
219 - UAV Blade modulation analysis : passive DVB-T experimental results
Dominique Poullin
184 - Robustness of SAR Refraction Autofocus to Power-Law Errors
David Garren
272 - Measurements of multistatic X&L band radar signatures of UAVs
Riccardo Palamà, Francesco Fioranelli, Matthew Ritchie, Michael Inggs, Simon Lewis, Hugh Griffith
255 - Passive Radar Signatures of Micro-Drone and Birds
Evgenii Vorobev, Vladimir Veremyev, Vladimir Kutuzov
154 - Efficient moving targets chirp rate estimation method in synthetic aperture radar
Xuepan Zhang, Cheng Wang, Chen Yang, Qingqing Lin
256 - Simulation of clutter based on a sum of scatterers
Flora Weissgerber, Nicolas Trouvé
264 - Simultaneous short and long range surveillance of drones and aircrafts with DVB-T based Passive Radar
Tatiana Martelli, Fabiola Colone, Roberta Cardinali
323 - 3D ISAR Imaging: The Alignment Problem
Jinjian Cai, Marco Martorella, Quanhua Liu, Zegang Ding, Elisa Giusti
288 - Radar Cross Section of Naval Targets
Yannick Béniguel, Philippe Pouliguen, Gildas Kubicke
Coffee Break
10:40 Lecture sessions
Room 1
AI-based Human sensing
(special session)
Room 2
Advanced Technologies
Room 3
Antenna Processing/Angular Estimation
103 - A Deep Multi-task Network for Activity Recognition and Person Identification with Micro-Doppler Signatures
Xinyu Li, Yuan He, Xiaojun Jing
51 - Robot Localization and Navigation with a Ground-Based Microwave Radar
Raphael Rouveure, Christophe Debain, Rémi Peuchot, Jean Laneurit
290 - A fast angle super-resolution imaging method for airbone scanning radar based on RSVD
Xingyu Tuo, Yin Zhang, Yingying Wang, Deqing Mao, and Yulin Huang
167 - Human Activity Recognition : Preliminary Results for Dataset Portability using FMCW Radar
Syed Aziz Shah, Francesco Fioranelli 
139 - Radar and Video Multimodal Learning for Human Activity Classification
Richard J. de Jong, Matijs J.C. Heiligers, Jacco J.M. de Wit, Faruk Uysal
136 - Capon-like DoA estimator for rotating arrays
Michał Meller, Kamil Stawiarski
183 - Automatic Arm Motion Recognition Using Radar for Smart Home Technologies
Moeness G Amin, Zhengxin Zeng, Tao Shan, Ronny G Guendel
161 - A Simple, Remote, Ultra-Sonic Based Personal Emergency Response System
Nir Regev, Dov Wulich
122 - Online Sparse reconstruction for scanning radarbased on Generalized SParse Iterative Covariance-based Estimation
Yongchao Zhang, Deqing Mao, Yin Zhang, Yulin Huang, Jianyu Yang
194 - Knowing the Uncertainty in Human Behavior Classification via Variational Inference and Autoencoder
Hao Du, Yongpeng  Dai, Tian Jin
182 - Influence of Transmitter Position Accuracy on Target Localization in Passive Radar
Mateusz Malanowski, Grzegorz Krawczyk, Marcin Żywek
231 - DOA estimation of wideband LFM RADAR signals
Ronald  Mulinde, Mayank Kaushik, Don Wenura Dissanayake, Manik  Attygalle,  Terence Chan, Siu Wai Ho, Syed Mahfuzul Aziz
252 - Motion Classification Based on Noisy Micro-Doppler Signatures
Yang Yang, Chunping Hou, Yue Lang
278 - A New Calibration Method for 3D Tracking Radar Doppler Velocimeter for Traffic Speed Enforcement
Lei Du, Qiao Sun, Jie Bai
320 - Near Optimal Angle Estimation for Wideband Phased Array Radars
Meng How Teo, Jia Wei Tan, Han Lun Yap


Special Keynote
Airborne Active Phased Array New Developments: Airborne Modes and Processing Breakthroughs, S. Kemkemian (Thales)
14:00 Lecture sessions
Room 1
Advanced Tracking
Room 2
SAR image analysis
Room 3
Historical session
(Special Session - Y. Blanchard)
26 - Bernoulli Filter for Track-Before-Detect: Swerling-1 Target in K-distributed Clutter
Branko Ristic, Luke  Rosenberg, Du-Yong Kim, Xuezhi Wang, Jason Williams
155 - Neural network with different activation function in polarimetric SAR image Classification
Yun Zhang,Qinglong Hua,Hongbo Li,Yan Bu
189 - The MAMMUT Phased Array Radar: Compulsive Hoarding
Hugh Griffiths
61 - Invariant Extended Kalman Filter Applied to tracking for Air Traffic Control
Marion Pilté, Sami Jouaber, Silvère Bonnabel, Frédéric Barbaresco, Marc Fragu, Nicolas Honoré
203 - Road Detection in High-resolution SAR Images with Improved Multiple Feature Fusion
Jing Chen, Zegang Ding, Yangkai Wei, Yong Li
192 - The Eagle (AN/APQ-7) and its assessment for ASV operation by RAF Coastal Command
Simon Watts
165 - A Comparative Study of Track-Before-Detect Algorithms in Radar Sea Clutter
Du Yong Kim, Branko Ristic, Xuezhi Wang, Luke Rosenberg, Jason Williams, Sam Davey
228 - Applying  Symmetries Detection to P-Band PolInSAR Data
Sofiane Tahraoui, Carmine  Clemente, Luca Pallotta, Mounira  Ouarzeddine, John  J. Soraghan
220 - History and development of airborne radar phased arrays antenna for French and European fighter
Marc Leconte, Philippe Lacomme
177 - LPI target tracking involving IEKF
Yoann Attal, Laurent Savy, Ludovic Grivault, Laurent Ratton
235 - ​​​​SAR Ship Target Detection Based on 2D Singularity Power Spectrum
Gang Xiong, Fang Wang, Lijun Wang, Jin He
229 - Phased array antennas at HF : Half a Century of Developments in Australia's Over-the-Horizon Radar Programs
Stuart Anderson, Don Sinnott
191 - Modified Smooth Variable Structure Filter for Radar Target Tracking
Yanwen Li, You He, Gang Li, Yu Liu
259 - Automated Signal Analysis for Chirp Reinjections and SAR Images
Joseph Martinot-Lagarde, Hélène Oriot, Hubert Cantalloube
271 - Early Days of Phased Array Radars for Ballistic Missile Detection and Tracking
Daniel O'Connor
15:40 Poster Session  
16 - Stochastic Deep Learning for Compressive-sensing Radar
Radmila Pribić
99 - Evaluating Channel Availability in Wideband Radar Using Noise Power Ratio
Peter Marrone
207 - A Fast Piecewise Constant Doppler Algorithm for Generalized Continuous Wave Synthetic Aperture Radar
Yijiang Nan, Xiaojing Huang, Y. Jay Guo
20 - A Modified Three-Stage Method For Polarimetric SAR Interferometry
Xiaofan Sun, Maosheng Xiang, Jinsong Chong
120 - Surveillance RADAR development using frequency diversity to mitigate range eclipsing
Jun Hyun Park, Jae Wook Park, Ji Hoon Ahn, Jong suk Yoon
223 - SPRITE : A New Sparse Approach for 3D High Resolution RCS Imaging
Thomas Benoudiba-Campanini, Pierre Minvielle, Jean-Franc¸ois Giovannelli
27 - A Ship Target Detection Method for SAR Image Based on Local Region
Weitong Xie , Lan Du, Hui Dai, Yi Li
132 - A Quad 12bit 1.5GSps ADC with Synchronization Feature for Use in Multi-Element Systems
A. Glascott-Jones,R. Pilard,M. Martin,M. Stackler,S. Joret,K. Salmi,D. Bellin,J. Cochard
224 - Early Development of Phased Array RADAR and Active Antennas in the Netherlands
Piet van Genderen, Geert Heebels, Emiel Stolp
35 - Training Data Selection Strategy for CFAR Ship Detection in Range-Compressed Radar Data
Sushil Kumar Joshi, Stefan V. Baumgartner
140 - Tracking Maritime Cooperative Target With Real Time Motorized Sar Antenna
N. Castet, O. Ruault du Plessis, J.-F. Nouvel, S. Angelliaume
258 - Digital Twin : A Full Virtual Radar System With the Operational Processing
T. Rouffet, S. Kemkemian, J.-B. Poisson, V. Hottier
36 - ASV Marks I and II, the First Airborne Maritime Surveillance Radars
Simon Watts
143 - Instantaneous Bandwidth Expansion Using Software Defined Radios
Nicholas Everett, Peter Collins
277 - Scan performance of small spherical retro-reflectors
D. Gray, J. Le Kernec
44 - Multipath Based Llocalization of Indoor Target Shadowed by Non-Penetrating Obstacles
Qichang Guo, Xingdong Liang, Yanlei Li, Ruichang Cheng, Xiangxi Bu
145 - Electromagnetic scattering by modified radar targets using GBS and GBL Techniques and Experimental Measurements
279 - Target Localization And Velocity Estimation In Near Forward Scatter Radar Systems: Preliminary Results
Nertjana Ustalli, Pierfrancesco Lombardo and Debora Pastina
69 - Valid Kick Recognition in Smart Trunks based on Hidden Markov Model using Doppler Radar
Yogesh Shankar, Avik Santra
146 - Doppler Shift Mitigation for PMCW Signals
Shengzhi Xu, Alexander Yarovoy
299 - Understanding the potential of Self-Protection Jamming on board of miniature UAVs
Christos V. Ilioudis, Carmine Clemente and John Soraghan
84 - Low Probability of Intercept Performance Optimization for an Integrated Multi-static Radar and Communication System
Chenguang Shi, Fei Wang, Jianjiang Zhou, Sana Salous
148 - Performant and High-Fidelity Solution for Complex and Large Radar Radar Scene Simulation
Nicolas Douchin, Christian Ruiz, Jonathan Israel
309 - 3D Cram´er-Rao Lower Bound Evaluation for ATSC Signal Based Passive Radar Systems
Moayad Alslaimy, Graeme E. Smith
88 - Analysis of the Influence of Deceptive Interference on Airborne Radar Sensor
Lei Wang, Huabing Wang, Mingyan Chen
190 - Development and Performance Evaluation of Integrated Automotive Mid-Range Radar System Based on ROI Preprocessing Technique
Yeonghwan Ju, Sangdong Kim,Youngseok Jin, and Jonghun Lee
195 - Analysis of Surveillance Range for a Shore-based HF Radar with Multiple Propagation Paths
Mengxiao Zhao, Xin Zhang, Qiang Yang, Jiazhi Zhang
314 - FPGA Design and Implementation of a Real-time Subpulse Processing Architecture for Noise Radars
Alisson Barreto, Leandro Pralon, Bruno Pompeo, Gabriel Beltrao, Mariana Pralon
 97 - BiGRU Network for Human Activity Recognition in High Resolution Range Profile
Chao Li, Yuan He, Xinyu Li, and Xiaojun Jing
16:40 Lecture sessions
Room 1
Computer modeling
Room 2
Clutter Suppression
Room 3
Waveform Design and Spectrum Management
60 - Technico-operational missile/seeker performances assessment using Capella and Matlab/Simulink
Julien CANET, Nathalie LURIN, Michel NAROZNY, David VUILLEMARD
28 - Doppler-Spread Clutter Suppression in Single-Channel Noise Radar
Christoph Wasserzier, Philipp Wojaczek, Diego Cristallini, Josef Worms, Daniel O'Hagan
85 - Interference Mitigation in SAR via Gapped SpectrumWaveform Design
C.Tierney, B.Mulgrew
64 - Generation of IQ data simulating a SAR acquisition: targets in motion, clutter and shadows
Alan Girault, Joan Broussolle, Jacques Petit-Frèr

149 - Devoid Clutter Capture and Filling (DeCCaF) to Compensate for Intra-CPI Spectral Notch Variation

Jonathan Owen, Brandon Ravenscroft, Shannon Blunt

266 - Clairvoyant Clutter Mitigation in a Symbol-Based OFDM Radar Receiver
Steven Mercier , Stéphanie Bidon, Damien Roque, Cyrille Enderli
74 - Estimation of Wake Vortices RADAR Cross-Section in Clear Air Using Large Eddy Simulations
Dmitry A. Kovalev, Danielle Vanhoenacker-Janvier
47 - Research on suppression method for radar angel clutter
Ting Yang, Baixiao Chen; New authors: Ting Yang, Baixiao Chen, Minglei Yang, Mei Dong
135 - Experimental Assessment of Tandem-Hopped Radar and Communications (THoRaCs)
Brandon Ravenscroft, Patrick M. McCormick, Shannon Blunt, Erik S. Perrins, Cenk Sahin, Justin G. Metcalf
152 - GPU Acceleration : OpenACC for Radar Processing Simulation
Maxime MARTELLI, Cyrille Enderli, Nicolas GAC, Antoine Vermesse, Alain Merigot
176 - A computation and memory efficient implementation of STAP for an airborne side-looking radar
Mayank Kaushik, Joachim  Trinkle, Joe Fabrizio
168 - Design and Generation of Stochastically Defined Pulsed FM Noise Waveforms
Charles A. Mohr and Shannon D. Blunt
248 - Improvement of SAR/ISAR imulation in MOCEM V4.5 by computation of the ship’s bow wave
Corentin Le Barbu, Christian Cochin, Etienne Everaere
251 - Adaptive Detection of Range MigratingTarget Detector in non-Gaussian Clutter
Nikita Petrov, Francois Le Chevalier, Alexander Yarovoy
204 - Optimized Stretch Processing Compensation for FMCW Phase-Attached Radar-Communications
Cenk Sahin , Patrick M. McCormick , Shannon D. Blunty, Justin G. Metcalf


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