Special Sessions

Special sessions objective 

A special session shall be devoted to a specific topic with homogeneous papers covering the leadog edge of research in the field (e.g. SAR/ISAR classification, cognitive methods applied to Radars, …). Special session proposal can cover or not an already identified topic in the call for paper.  

Special sessions submission procedure 

Please submit your suggestions with short description and motivation to tpcchair@radar2019.org , ideally before December 15th 2018, and not after January 15th 2019.

Special session proposer is responsible for papers collection of his session, and will be the chairman of the session. Papers for a special session shall follow the same submission procedure as regular papers, but a copy of the papers shall also be sent directly to tpcchair@radar2019.org. 

Papers of a special session will follow the same reviewing process applied to regular papers. A special session shall contain at least five papers. More than five papers can be submitted. In that case final five papers for the session will be selected based on reviewers evaluations.